Retrieve AVCHD Video File On Mac


Hello everyone!! I have a Sony Handy cam HDR-XR200V camcorder by using which I record AVCHD videos and copy them on my Mac desktop. After copying the files to my Mac system I used to delete video files from my camcorder. But unfortunately, my Mac desktop hard disk got crashed on which I had stored these AVCHD videos. Somehow I rectified my Mac hard disk issue, but failed to all my deleted AVCHD videos. Since I have deleted all the videos from my Sony camcorder, the videos are no longer available on the device. Is it possible to recover all the deleted videos? Is there any solution to restore or get back all the deleted or lost AVCHD videos back from my Sony Camcorder or Mac desktop?

If a you like to spend time in recording HD(High Definition) AVCHD videos, then you know how painful this situation is when you lose all the video files at once. So if you are among them who has lost deleted their important AVCHD videos. No need to worry, there are ways through which you can retrieve them back. But before performing the recovery procedure first you should know about AVCHD videos and the causes that are responsible for the lost or deletion of those videos.


AVCHD stands for Advanced Video Coding High Definition is a type of video file format designed by Sony Inc and Panasonic. The main advantage of this video format is that it let the user to shoot HD (High Definition) videos in a compassion format which is very much suitable for memory cards on camcorders. Other than that AVCHD format allow the user to record high definition as well as standard video for long duration and store them in memory card. Today, AVCHD file format is compatible with many famous camcorders such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and Canon etc.

Causes For Loss Of AVHCD Videos

  1. Unintentional formatting – When you accidentally format the storage media of camcorder or format the camcorder device in order to rectify errors when connected with Mac or other device.
  2. Accidental deletion – If you by mistake delete AVCHD video file or accidentally erase or delete your important video file instead of the unwanted video file.
  3. Wrong operation – Sometimes user perform a wrong operation which results in data loss. Such operation includes removal of camcorder device while sharing or transferring files, performing a factory reset, use of camcorder memory card in different cameras, when you switch off camcorder during read-write process.
  4. Other reasons – Some other reasons accountable for losing video files includes file system corruption, failure of Mac operating system, camcorder malfunction, malware or virus attack etc.

How To Retrieve Deleted AVCHD Videos?

Photo Recovery Software” is one of the most effective and powerful software designed to retrieve AVCHD videos on Mac. It is the most reliable and easy to use software that performs the complete recovery of other video formats including MP4, AVI, MOV, MP4, RM, AVP, BDM, AEPX, DZP, CPI, BSF, BIK etc. Apart from this, the utility also has the ability to recover other media files such as music files, pictures, RAW images and other documents not only from Mac system but also from iPods, memory cards, external hard disk, USB drives etc.


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