Retrieve Back Deleted Photos From Sony Cyber-shot Camera


Sony is a brand in the world of digital cameras that has produced some of the unbelievable devices and Sony Cyber-shot is one of them which comes in a range of high resolution DSLR camera. This camera is a perfect blend of stylish and innovative design equipped with full features that fulfills needs of both professional camera user and a non-professional camera user. It has several features such as 4x zooming, LCD display, water-proof and more. The Sony camera supports data storage on all memory cards including Memory stick, SD, Memory Stick PRO Duo and SDHC card. These memory cards can easily store huge amount of photos, videos and RAW images but these cards have their own limitations.

Like other storage device, this memory card triggers error messages resulting in photo loss and corruption from Sony Cyber-shot camera. The situation become worst when you don’t have the backup of lost or deleted data. In such situation using a data recovery software can only help to recover your files back. The memory card used in the Sony DSLR camera might get corrupt due to any hardware or software failure, virus or malware attach or due to mishandling. In such situations, the photos present on the camera become inaccessible.


Note : In the situation of corruption of memory card and losing photos, the first thing you have to do is to stop using the camera and further keep it in a safe place in order to avoid any physical damage. It is necessary because capturing or adding new photos from your digital camera will overwrite your lost or deleted photos that can make recovery very difficult.

Causes For Photo Loss From Sony Cyber-shot Camera

Below are a list of common reasons for photo loss from Sony DSLR camera. Have a look :

  1. Sony’s memory card become inaccessible due to virus or malware infection.
  2. Photos may get deleted or lost from Sony Cyber-shot camera due to several error messages.
  3. Removal or memory card from Sony DSLR camera during read/write process.
  4. Due to camera firmware issues and other reasons.
  5. Accidental deletion of all photos from memory card using ‘Shift + Del’ keys when connected to the computer.
  6. If you use your memory card in multiple electronic devices that may lead to loss of photos.

Once you lost all your valuable photos, it becomes very important to retrieve or recover deleted photos from Sony Cyber-shot camera. There are various techniques with the help of which you can easily recover deleted photos from a Sony Cyber-shot camera. In order to ensure a complete recovery, it is suggested to use “Photo Recovery Software”. It is a highly professional and reliable tool to recover corrupted, lost or deleted photos from any kind of data loss scenario. This tool deeply scan your digital camera memory card and retrieve the files back. Other than that, this tool supports the recovery of digital RAW images from popular brands of digital camera such as Canon, Samsung, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji and so on.


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