Steps To Recover ipod Music Files After Hard Drive Crash

iPods are the popular MP3 media players which has been developed and designed by Apple Inc. Its unique features and easy to use graphical user interface, helps the user to easily use them without any trouble. iPod can be connected to your computer or laptop randomly in order to synchronizing files or to transfer any other media files which would you like to listen or watch in your computer.

However, while synchronizing or copying process is being carried out, your computer hard drive might crash all of a sudden without your consent which leads in the deletion of your entire data present in your iPod and computer hard drive as well. Your computer’s hard drive crashing can be a serious issue, especially when you lose your valuable data. The loss of valuable or sensitive data such as photos, videos and other personal documents can be heartbreaking.

For example, let’s consider a situation that you were transferring or copying your favorite songs to your computer and while the transfer process was going on, your computer hard drive got crashed due to software malfunction and stopped working or responding to your commands. After that when you tried to restart your computer, it stopped working due to hard drive crash. Now, you don’t have any option but to remove the connected iPod to the system. For listening music, when you turned on your iPod, it just display a sad smiley icon along with a message that no file exists. This is really a frustrated situation as there was a collection a favorite music tracks stored in it. However, don’t get panic !!! You can still recover all the music files from iPod after hard drive crash with the help of “Photo Recovery Software”.


Causes On How Files Get Lost Due To Hard Drive Crash

  • Due To Power Fluctuations – Let’s assume, you have connected your iPod to the computer for charging purpose and at the same time you are working on the system. But due to continuous power fluctuations, the OS files got damaged and leads to hard drive crash. In such situation, you may lose the music files from both iPod and computer.
  • Malware Or Virus Infection – When a computer gets infected with harmful threats and dangerous viruses, there is a probability that system might crash. You might get the virus infection into your computer when you download spam emails or files which contains infectious programs. In this case, if you connect your iPod to the computer, then you will not only lose your music files but other data stored in it.

Other than hard drive crash, accidental or unintentional deletion of your music files while listening, interruption during read or write process might cause loss of music and other data saved in your iPod.

If you have lost your music files then stop worrying and start using “Photo Recovery Software” which helps the user to recover iPod music files after hard drive crash. This tool comes with many advanced features in order to quickly scan entire iPod to extract and rescue lost or deleted files from iPod and other storage media.


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