Tutorial To Get Back Video Files From Windows

Have you lost your video files? Have you also unknowingly deleted your video files? Looking for video file recovery? Don’t get disappointed. Here is the solution. Read and follow this article carefully.


Videos are actually a important source for entertainment. With the enhancement in technology and launching of so many gadgets, it really has become to save our videos. Everyone of us makes collection of videos of our favourite movies and songs. What happened is they get deleted or corrupted because of any reason. It will be miserable for anyone since that can lead to permanent damage to the files causing data loss. There are several circumstances that can create this issues and some of them are ;

  • Wild virus attack: Malware has been considered as one of the root cause for any corruption of files like videos. So, always be attentive from all such type of infection.
  • Interruption while read/write operation: Error occurrence while transferring data or read/write operation consequences video damage.
  • Omissible deletion: It is also mostly raised problem of data deletion that mainly happened due to unintentional clicking on “Delete All” or “Format” button.
  • Unusual user activities: Unusual activities like forceful shut down of the device, suddenly power failure, renaming files while it is in open mode, etc can also be the reasons responsible for video corruption.

Apart these, there can be various reason that can arouse this issues. But the question is that, is there any possibility to get them back? The answer to this question is Yes, there is possibility to regain all the lost videos, if you don’t have delayed so much. Actually, the fact is that, every storage device holds record of physical location and file information of all the files and when you accidentally delete any of them or they get corrupted, then only index from the file table is removed, that means the actual file still reside on the hard disk or other storage medium until and unless any new file is overwritten there.

Now, in order to get back video files, you are highly advised to use “Photo Recovery Software”. It’s one of the most powerful and effective tool that has been designed by taking very advanced and high level algorithm that offers you dual mode scanning that is Quick and Advance for accidentally deleted data and for post volume formatting respectively. Configured with various enchanting features, this tool has very smart and user friendly interface so that non technical people can also use it with ease. This tool will definitely help you to get back video files from Windows.


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