Use AAC Music File Recovery Tool To Get Back Lost AAC File

AAC Music File Recovery

AAC stands for “Advanced Audio Coding”, which is an audio coding standard for lossy digital audio compression. It is also considered to be the successor of the MP3 audio format, as it is designed to achieve better sound quality than MP3 at similar bit rates. But as like MP3 files, AAC files are also vulnerable to get lost or corrupt. The following real scenario can be read to support this:

A user had kept portable iPod music player whose memory was full. So the user decided to make some free space by deleting few unwanted files during this process. But that user accidentally lost his favorite music folder which was in entire AAC format. Ubfortunately, the user had not kept its back-up and it had taken years for him to make those collection. The iPod user was very upset and was looking for whether AAC Music File Recovery is possible.


Yes, of-course it is possible, but before moving on that, let us first look on few reasons that are responsible to the loss of AAC file loss:

  • Format Error- Sometimes after a user connects an external device containing AAC files to the PC, the user gets an error message saying that the computer did not recognize the file system of the drive and it asks for format. Ignoring the message, the user clicks on ‘Yes’ button. It results in complete data loss from that drive.

  • Erasing of Files- Sometimes when the device is connected to the computer, the user face accidental or unknowingly erasing of files or folders by using “Shift + Delete” command.

  • Improper System termination- Sometimes the user switches off the system forcefully while transferring their files from an external device to computer system is still in the process and vice-versa.

  • Virus Infection- Dreaded Trojan-like viruses can make an AAC file corrupt and cause data loss.

The above are few causes for AAC file loss, there can be other possible cause though, but it is now possible to make an AAC Music File Recovery by using the recovery tool.

Following are a few basic features of this recovery software:

  • The lost/deleted AAC files can be recovered back, unconcerned to the cause of data loss.

  • This is an easy-to use tool with an easy interface so that any kind of user can understand and use this software.

  • This recovery tool can recover the lost AAC files from any storage device such as external hard drives, PC’s hard drives, iPods, memory cards and music player etc.

  • It can also recover videos, digital RAW images and pictures etc.


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