Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software For Windows

Now you can recover all your corrupted or lost photos from any storage media based upon Windows operating system. This software is a complete do-it-yourself tool that smoothly and easily recovers any erased or corrupted data like photos, videos, songs and other multimedia files from any corrupted or formatted external or internal storage media. The software is also able to recover data from all internal and external drives, memory cards and digital cameras. This tool has the feature to Preview and save deleted photos distinctively with their original file names and it can support scanning of storage devices having storage capacity over 2TB. This software supports all major picture file formats like JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, Paint Shop, Picture File(PCT) and TIFF etc.

Follow the below mentioned process steps for the recovery of your data For Windows

1. Open ‘Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery’ software. To recover photos/music/videos from external USB drives and from SD card, attach the media to your computer before opening this software. After its main interface is opened, click on “Recover Photo, Audio & Video” button to recover photo, audio and video files from your Hard Drive, Flash Drive, USB Drive and other mass storage device.


2. Select the Drive (volume) or the physical disk for scanning. If the user has attached any external media, then it will also get listed here. If you still not found the attached external media, then click on the ‘Refresh Drive’ button. Select the desired drive which you want to scan for its recovery and then click on ‘Scan Now’ to start instant scan process. However, if the user want to make the recovery on the basis of file types, then he have the option of ‘Advance Scan’.


3. Under the ‘File List’ tab that is open in the next window, select the file types which you want to recover. You can select one or multiple file at a time. To increase the scanning speed, it is advisable to select only those file types that you want to recover. If the user has clicked on ‘Advanced Scan’ in the previous window, then he has the option to scan according to the file list, such as ‘Photo’, ‘Video’ or ‘Audio’. You can select specific region of hard drive in the ‘Select Range’ Tab on the left pane of the window. After that click on ‘Scan Now’ button.


4. The next window will show scanning completion process and all the files that will be found will be shown listed in a tree structure in the left hand side window pane.


5. After that the window will show the preview of the files after scanning. The user can select the desired files, one or multiple at a time, see its preview on the upper pane and ultimately the user can click on ‘Recover’ button to save recovered files.

6. The user can choose a specific location to save the recovered multimedia files and lastly he will see the recovery completion wizard.


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