User Testimonials : Digital Photo Recovery Software

“Some months ago my family just spent two weeks in zermatt (Switzerland) and I captured several unforgettable pictures from my camera. I was able to download two sets of over 100 photos from my digital camera onto my laptop which I took along with us. After return from the journey I tried to download the remaining 100 photos, but i was completely shocked as memory card was not showing the content and it was completely corrupted. The camera company said that i was out of luck, after pressing them they suggested for some photo recovery software, I tried several photo recovery software but everything get in vain. Then i take the help of Google where i was recommended by digital photo recovery software. I tried it and really very impress with its performance as it not only recovery zermatt photos but also recover those photos which i forgotten on my memory card. This software saved my day and sleepless night. “THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH”.

( Maria Arakava, Canada )

“ Hi, I am Jacqueline and I am a professional wedding/portrait photographer. In a certain marriage ceremony I shoot so many beautiful pictures as I take an order for it. Unfortunately I lost a portrait session from my compact flash memory cards, thought I saved it on my computer but I didn’t. The card had been formatted also, I took the card to the shop but they suggested that nothing can result positively. Then I got online and read some testimonials which suggested me for the Digital photo recovery software and I let it try. After that I was amazingly surprised that not only did I recover the lost portrait session but also the portrait session before that I had deleted. It really retrieved the pictures that deleted then formatted, it was an amazing experience before I had. Now I am very happy with this software and suggest for all those who is suffering with such problem.”

( Jacqueline, Norway )

“ I am going to share my wonderful experience about this digital photo recovery software! I am a real estate photographer and had taken pictures of 3 homes in one day. Later that evening, I checked my pic files on the memory card and over half of them were missing. I tried for hours to figure out what went wrong. I was very worried about the photographs and thinking how it can disappeared off the memory card? But everything was over now. Then one of my best friend suggest me about this Digital Photo Recovery Software and I gave it to try. I was extremely surprised because my missing images were discovered at this stage. This software save my precious time and money loss. So I would like to thank this wonderful software which actually works.

( Kane Williamson Australia )