Where These Deleted Images Get Stored From Your Digital Camera?


Nowadays, everyone has digital camera, as more people are using digital camera to capture wonderful images and moments. But it seems quite easier to loose than traditional film pictures because the digital camera has wonderful but not useful Delete button. Any operation that mishap may delete all the pictures instantly. Do you think that your precious pictures get permanently lost? If yes, then you should not get panic. Actually it get stored in the memory card.

A typical digital camera stores the pictures that you have taken as separate files on a flash memory card, that also known as Digital film. There are different types of memory card likewise as SD, CF, xD Picture Card, SmartMedia, Memory Stick, MMC Card and much more. In addition, each card type has different brands like Kingston, SanDisk and so on. All they have different sizes, capacities and appearances. But they will act as same when they get acting as storage to hold some pictures. They are similar to your floppy disk and hard drive. Hence, when you delete one or more pictures from your camera, it locates the pictures files on memory card, and then “deletes” them and marks the left over spaces as usable. In most of the cased, for fast processing, camera doesn’t delete these pictures file body and marks leaves them as it is, that makes possible to us to retrieve those data after deletion.


Hence to recover those deleted pictures, you just need to connect your camera to your computer. If your camera does not appear in your computer as drive in “My Computer”, then an external USB card reader is necessary. You will find these card readers from local computer shops, as Amazon, BestBuy etc. Hence, they were very cheap and useful, and not only for data recovery , but also for photo retrieval and process in day to day life. Hence, when you insert the card in the card-reader, and then connect to your computer, it will appear as a drive letter in “My Computer”, that allow a software tool to access the data on memory card.

Hence, you have your camera, or any card reader connected, then you should download the Stellar Photo Recovery Software by just clicking this download link.



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