XD card Recovery On Windows Computer


There are several devices such as digital cameras, iPods and mp3 players supports XD card. The XD cards are most reusable, compatible and an ultra-compact removable memory media produced for digital cameras and has the potential to store a media files like pictures, videos etc. These memory cards are durable and compact along with storing capability at higher resolutions. Like other memory cards, XD have the capability of 16 MB to 2GB. Basically, the XD card was developed by Fujifilm and Olympus. In comparison to other flash memory card, XD memory card are the most save on battery life as it consumes low power. XD card supports the storage of high resolution images and offers the quality and capacity required.

There could be various reasons responsible for the loss of deletion of data stored in XD card. Accidentally formatted XD card, accidentally deleted pictures or any other media files, getting errors while viewing pictures are some of such reasons for the lost or deletion of data from XD card. In such cases data stored in the card become inaccessible and you may forever lose your important data. But do not worry, still there remains a chance to recover data from XD card.


Reasons Of Data Deletion In XD Card

  1. Accidental Format Of XD Card – When you try to access pictures from XD card by connecting the card to your system, it throws an error message like ‘card not format’, ‘card not initialized’, ‘format it now’ etc. The pictures will become inaccessible due to those errors and if you format the memory card the data will be lost forever.
  2. Improper Handling Of XD Card – If you eject your XD card without clicking on ‘Safely Remove’ option or you remove the XD card from computer in improper way then an interruption will occur and the card will become inaccessible.
  3. Accidental Deletion of Pictures – If you want to delete some redundant or unwanted photos from your XD card and select them all to make a free space. But at the same time if you have also selected important photos as well and delete them together with unwanted files then it will end with data loss.
  4. Due To Power Interruption During Data Transfer – Any kind of power interruption during transfer or sharing of files from XD card to the system results in corrupted data and you will fail to access the files again.
  5. Camera Get Turned Off While Image Writing Process – While image writing process or capturing any photos if you turn off the camera, the SD card may corrupt or damage and you may lose your important data.

How To Recover Lost Or Deleted XD Card Data

Use “Photo Recovery software” which recovers all the photos, videos and other data undoubtedly from your XD card. The most important thing about this program is that it comes with friendly interface and thus very easy to use all its functions. This software easily get back all your XD card data instantly. This program offers step by step wizard for the effective recovery of lost or deleted files from XD card on Windows computer.


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